Desk and field expediting


Desk expediting is also know as telephone expediting.

It is an important tool for producing companies to monitor order progress with manufacturers.

Although desk expediting is a quick and easy way to be informed about the current status of a project.


Field expediting provides customers with a comprehensive review of the precise standing of their order and any on site action to rectify any potential problem areas.

Fied expediting means the inspection and control of the expeditor on site. 

This gives clients a comprehensive review of exact current status of orders.

Shop and documents expediting


Expediting in several levels:

  • Production control, the expeditor inspects the factory whether the production is up to the standards of the country the goods are destined for. This is especially necessary for engineering equipments.
  • The expeditor controls as well whether the regular audits for ISO9001, etc..., have been made.
  • Quality control, the components are tested whether they function as required and whether they are made to the measurements and standards of the customer. A part of this quality control can be the testing for compliance with standards of the destination country, (e.g. ASME).
  • Packing/transport survey, this is the lowest and most used level of expediting, as the goods are only counted and the packing is controlled whether it will withstand the adversities of transport (pre-shipment inspection).
  • Project management, at a large-scale project, not only goods are controlled. The expediter also keeps an eye on the deadlines and milestones of the project and whether the supplier will be on time. This way he or she monitors the crucial procurement parts of the project.




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