Shop Inspections


Inspection is defined as the process of measuring, examining, testing as per technical requirements.

Before start the manufacturing, our customers agree with vendors for the inspection process, generally this process is done as per an approuved ITP (Inspection and Test Plan).


Inspection and test shall be carried out based on equipment specifications, relevant engineering specifications, international standards and all applicable regulations. 

Material inspected (Not limited to)


Inspection of various valves:

We inspect ball valves, check valves, gate valves, globe valves, butterfly valves, block and bleed valves as per API6D & API 15000.

Material of valves can be manufactured (e.g. as per ASTM A105 for forgings, ASTM A216 WCB for castings, ASTM A351 CF8M castings stainless teel and  duplex grade F51.


Inspection of pressure vessels:

The Inspectors of our network are certified (e.g. as per API 510)

We inspect the pressure vessels as per  (e.g. PED 97/23/CE)

We inspect the manufacturing of pressure vessels as per

(e.g. ASME VIII div 1 and 2) 

Inspection of flanges:

We inspect flanges as per (e.g. ASME B16.5)

Types of flanges inspected: 

Blind flanges, welding neck flanges, socket flanges and threaded flanges.

Material of flanges inspected: 

ASTM A105, ASTM A350 Lf2 and ASTM F316/L.

Inspection of fittings:

We inspect tees, elbows, caps, concentric and eccentric reducers.

We inspect fittings as per (e.g. ANSI B16.9)

Material of fittings inspected: 

Type 304/304L Stainless, Alloy 400, Copper Nickel 70/30.

Inspection of pipes:

For example, we inspect seamless, carbon steel pipes as per API 5L, ASTM A53, ASTM A106, PSL1 and PSL2.

Seamless, carbon steel low temperature pipes as per A33 grade 6 & API5L X52. Weded pipes (ERW & LSAW) carbon steel.

Stainless steel pipes as per ASTM A312/A358.

Electrical inspections

Inspection of electrical equipment:

We inspect control panel, DCS, software, factory acceptance test of electrical motors (e.g. partial discharges and discharges test) 

Painting and coating inspection (Not limited to)


We provide quality control inspection of the preparation and painting process.

(e.g. checking of dry film thickness)

Checking of climatic conditions, checking of surface preparation, assistance of pull off test and cut off test.

Checking of surface cleanliness.

Checking the moisture condition.

Checking of paiting system.


Inspections by DRONE

We provide visual inspection services with COFREND Level II & III

We inspect piping installations.

We inspect wind turbines.

Other equipments can be inspected.

Reporting with photos and viedos.

Applicable codes and standards (Not limited to)


We use the following standards:

A.P.I: American Petroleum Institute

A.S.T.M: American Society for Testing and Materials

I.S.O: International Standard Organisation

B.S: British Standard

DIN: German Standard

ASME: American Society of Mechanical Engineers

AWS: American Welding Society

We focused our inspection services


As per our Client's requirement, we provide shop inspections services of mechanical and electrical equipments.

The assignments are perfomed as spot and / or full time (Residence) on call basis.


We can cover the following steps:

  1. Pre – Inspection Meetings (PIM)
  2. Shop Inspection
  3. FAT Test (Factory Acceptance Test)
  4. Monitoring of ITP tests during fabrication
  5. Visual and dimensional inspection
  6. Quantity check
  7. Final inspection & Technical Assessment
  8. Documental review
  9. Others steps


The pre-shipment inspection can be agreed upon between a buyer, a supplier, and a bank, and it can be used to initiate payment for a letter of credit. 

A PSI can be performed at different stages before shipment, such as checking the total amount of goods and packing, controlling the quality or consistency of goods, checking of all documentation, as for example test reports, packaging list, or verification of compliance with standards of the destination country like

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